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The Wrap: Trillion tonne carbon challenge, a free 'eco-font' (video)

Also, GM chief Mary Barra says the business case is not all-powerful, while Maersk says more clients are demanding greener shipping.  - more

Instant insight to optimise building HVAC

A typical 20,000 sqm commercial building generates 42MB of data a day. CIM Environmental has released a software platform that analyses it to instantaneously detect faults and inefficiencies in HVAC.  - more

No legal barrier to trusts making impact investments

There is no legal barrier to charitable trusts and foundations making socially and environmentally oriented “impact investments”, says a report by the University of Sydney Business School.  - more

900 environmental activists killed in a decade

At least 908 environmental activists have been killed in the last decade, says a report from campaign group Global Witness. It warns climate change could ramp it up.  - more

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