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UK carbon capture project to receive 300m Euro boost

The European Commission has confirmed that British utility Drax is in line to receive a 300 million Euro (AU$442 million) grant for its White Rose carbon capture and storage (CCS) project.  - more

Energy Developments completes Envirogen deal

ASX-listed Energy Developments Limited (ENE) has completed the acquisition of the Envirogen waste coal mine gas (wcmg) business.  - more

Sustainability reporting - getting that elusive return on investment

It may surprise you to know that at least some of our clients who do sustainability reporting believe that the report itself isn’t the primary outcome. By Paul Davies, principal and COO of Banarra.  - more

CASE STUDY: Materials efficiency at Pemara Labels

Sustainability Victoria has returned to a materials efficiency drive in business. Pemara labels reveals the opportunities from looking at waste with new metrics.  - more

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