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Renewable Recyclers shuts its doors

E-waste recycling social enterprise Renewable Recyclers has announced that it is closing down after years of losses, saying changes to the National Television and Computer Scheme (NTCRS) have come "a little too late" for the organisation.  - more

Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria regains independence

Keep Australian Beautiful Victoria has taken on a new name - Keep Victoria Beautiful (KVB) - marking a fresh start for the organisation as it returns to non-independent NGO status.  - more

United Airlines invests $30M to turn MSW to biofuel

United Airlines has announced a $30 million equity investment in US alternative fuels developer Fulcrum Bioenergy.  - more

SV and Tyrecycle to process tyres "on-the-spot"

Thanks to a co-funded venture between Sustainability Victoria (SV) and Tyrecycle, stockpiles of abandoned tyres and conveyor belts can now be processed on-the-spot, no matter where they lie.   - more

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