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Bulla landfill issued notices; reports of smoke plume

The Victorian EPA will issue two new Pollution Abatement Notices (PANs) to B.T.Q Pty Ltd, the operator of a Bulla landfill, after it failed to implement measures to extinguish a fire. The EPA has also received reports of a significant smoke plume coming...  - more

New NSW facilities could receive grants of up to $10M

The NSW EPA and Environmental Trust are calling for local councils, industry and not-for-profit organisations in areas covered by the waste levy to apply for a share of $43.1 million.  - more

AWRE: Tackling problem waste - a snapshot of discussions

This year's Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE) boasts a number of interesting and engaging panel discussions that will look at how far Australia has come in tackling problem waste, which technologies have aided its efforts and how behavioural...  - more

Corpse found in SITA landfill

A semi-naked dead man was found at SITA's Hampton Park landfill in Melbourne's south east last week by a tip worker who initially thought he had spotted a mannequin.  - more

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