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Vic Government offers $3.8m for organics

The Vic Government has committed $3.8 million to help develop organics recycling in Melbourne.

The Victorian Government has committed $3.8 million to help develop organics recycling in Melbourne.

"Through total funding of $3.8 million under the Metropolitan Organics Plan, the Victorian Government is re-investing the landfill levy directly into measures that will improve organics recovery," said Ryan Smith, Minister for Environment and Climate Change.

"The first step in the process will be the development of a new facility at Bulla, north of Melbourne. Much like the facility in Dandenong, it will take tonnes of food and garden waste from 11 councils in Melbourne's north and process it into valuable compost. This will be supported by additional facilities in the south-east and east of Melbourne."

"The investment outlined in the Metropolitan Organics Plan will allow further development of new technologies that can produce compost, fertilisers, and potentially fuels, from our organic waste."

The Metropolitan Organics Plan is run by the Metropolitan Waste Management Group (MWMG). It includes:

  • The north-west metropolitan garden and food organics program to complement the new north-west organics facility at Bulla.
  • A procurement process in the south-east which will include a feasibility study to identify a suitable location for an organics facility in south-east Melbourne; and
  • Upgrades to resource recovery centres and examination of transfer stations across Melbourne to assist in larger loads of materials being sent to processing and disposal facilities.

A further $500,000 over two years will help develop markets for recycled end products along with investment in organics recycling facilities. This project will be led by Sustainability Victoria.

In the last several months, the Victorian Government has announced $3.5 million for rural landfill support, and $5.5 million for regional organics waste recycling.

Pacific Pyrolysis funding confirmed
In addition to the new funding for greenwaste processing facilities in Victoria, the Government has also confirmed it will give $4.5 million in seed funding to the proposed 1MW Pacific Pyrolysis plant.

The first of its kind in Australia, the Pacific Pyrolysis plant will produce energy from biomass along with 5000 tonnes per year of biochar, which can be used as a carbon offset.

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